Must have an active TS/SCI clearance to be considered for this position Contingent X / Noncontingent Job description: Zel Technologies has a requirement to provide an AS/DCGS-A Instructor to assist the U.S. Army Intelligence Security Command (INSCOM)'s mission to provide advanced intelligence training and exercise deployment to Active Duty, USAR, and ARNG soldiers. Essential Job Functions: Prov...
Position description: Austin Peay State University is currently seeking part time, temporary, instructors in the area of Radiation Therapy and Radiography. The Department is seeking an individual proficient in radiation therapy and/or radiography didactics and clinical practice. Typical Duties and Responsibilities: Teach in the area of Radiation Therapy and Radiography based on demand from seme...
Business Line Government Job title Technical Instructor, Lead United States of America - Kentucky Fort Campbell Position summary The Technical Instructor/Course Developer is primarily responsible for curriculum revision and maintenance. Technical curriculum may involve electronics, welding, or more highly technical areas such as radio and electronics repair or operation of weapons systems. Prim...
Position details Phoenix Logistics, Inc. is currently seeking candidates for Instructor/Operator positions at Fort Campbell, KY. These positions will be in support of the Army Medical Simulation Training Center (MSTC) Program. The MSTC Instructor/Operator is responsible for delivering effective medical training with a standardized training platform for both classroom and simulated battlefield c...
I served as a tutor throughout college and law school. I. I ms excel at standardized test prep and essay writing. Lawyer, triple major in college (political science, history and elementary education). I enjoy teaching and helping others improve their test scores
I am a graduated of Austin Peay State University. Presently Am a medical student awaiting licensure and an experienced tutor of mathematics and the sciences to include cell, molecular and biochemistry.
Hello! I am a 27yr old ex-Airforce guy who is studying Computer Science and Mathematics at Austin Peay State University. I love math and I love teaching math. My hours of availability will be from 11 am - 9 pm this summer, as I am taking a class in the morning.
I am experienced in wide spectrum tutoring to high-school and college level students seeking skills to prepare them for advanced/honors type classes and test prep. Math and Literature are my specialties. I have provided after school instruction to students to improve academic performance or prep for tests; taught students study skills, assessed student progress, and collaborated with parents an...
I am a recently graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from Austin Peay State University. I'm an active duty army wife, active duty army mom, and mother of 5 children ages 5-23 yrs of age. I love to read (a lot!), travel, and spend quality time with my family. I would like to have the opportunity to help any student who needs a great tutor.
I am a United States Army Veteran, and a College Graduated of California State University Fresno, with a bachelors degree,in Health Services.During the time I went to college, I had classes in Advance Algebra, Trig, Plant Biology,Biology, Chemistry, and Statistics.
Hello everyone I am a recent graduate with my Bachelors in Business Administration and currently enrolled and working on my Masters in Healthcare Management. I prefer tutoring with elementary and middle school students but work with other age groups as well. I have been working with children from very young age and very much enjoy it. I enjoy making learning from instead of just reading from a ...
With the sudden changes in educational standardization going on across the nation, even people well versed in a subject may not be acquainted with the constantly evolving formats in writing, mathematics, and other fields of study. I can help you see the patterns in what you're trying to learn and give you the tools to develop a dependable strategy to tackle most problems you encounter in every ...
I am great in math, science, english, and beginners French. I love to help people learn, and I'm super patient. I won't give up until your child truly understands the content. I have fast paced and would love to make a positive difference in your child's learning career. I'm currently in the Associates of Science program at Austin Peay State University
Hi my name is Justin, I am 20 yrs old and I love Science. I am attending Austin Peay as a Physics Major. Since I was little, I have always had a fascination with space. This has led me to peruse a career in Physics. I love Science and I love talking about it and teaching others about it.
I am a graduate of Austin Peay State University, earning a bachelor's of science in psychology in 2013. I held several positions on campus that implemented mentoring, in crises, mental health, and educational for residents within the housing community. I can relate with the idea of teaching to a student, changing techniques to fit each individual accordingly, a style that relates the educationa...
I am a college student. I go to Austin Peay State University in Clarksville Tennessee. I am originally from Minnesota and spend holiday breaks and summer there with my family but will hopefully be moving to Clarksville permanently within the next year. I have a 4.0 GPA and I am starting my 2nd year this fall. I have done most of my general education class and will be starting my psychology clas...
Twenty years of educational background in all grade levels and subjects as a former teacher and school principal. A good deal of knowledge on common core standards and ACT Prep for College and Career Readiness. Extensive training in working with students with special needs.
Currently in my senior year of college. I have been a straight A student since middle school. I love math, history, and science. I am working on a double major in psychology and farm management. Math is easy for me, history is my hobby, and science brings my son and I closer together. I am also bi-lingual English and Spanish.
I have 6 mons background working with children with special needs in the classroom. I have Associates in both psychology and criminal justice as well as a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I am completing my Master's in Counseling in Mental Health soon. I am proficient in Reading, Writing, English Literature (advanced and basic), Criminal Justice, Psychology, British and American History, and So...
Hello! I have always had good grades in English and Literature classes, as well as outstanding scores on French examinations. I have completed up to intermediate level French courses with flying colors.
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